Leland Chargers Stadium Chairs – $55 for 1 chair / $100 for 2 chairs
The Leland HS logo stadium chair is an absolute necessity for all fans who attend games where bleachers are used.  Instead of sitting on a cold, and often wet, bleacher bench, you can sit comfortably on a beautiful, extremely comfortable stadium chair while showing everyone your school spirit.  These stadium chairs are high quality, very durable, and extremely easy to set up.
Leland Chargers Blankets - $50.00
A key item for every Leland High School parent, the Charger Pass provides access to every home game where an entry fee is charged with the exception of CCS games. So, if you are planning to attend football games, basketball games, or volleyball matches, the Charger Pass grants you access to those games without having to wait in line to pay the entry fee. Each Charger Pass provides admission for 2 adults. Buy your Charger Pass now and support Leland's sports teams by attending all the home games!
The plush Leland High School blankets are very large, super soft, and exceptionally warm.  Large enough for 2 people to huddle under, this blanket is the perfect way to show your school support and remain comfortable during the games on those cold evenings.
Leland Chargers Pass - $50.00
Leland Chargers Umbrella - $60.00
Gustbuster Umbrella will keep you dry for the winter sports and shaded for the summer! This is a top quality 62" golf umbrella. Bring it to games or show your colors on the golf course. Maybe you need 2!

  • Wind tunnel certified to 55+ mph
  • 190 thread count is water, bleed, and fade proof
  • Rubber grip handles
  • Fits into the smallest golf bag holders
  • 62" canopy
Charger Merchandise
Team Contribution Including Annual Booster Dues
Booster Club Annual Dues $75.00
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