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Every year, the Booster Club raises money to benefit the athletic programs and the student athletes at Leland High School.  Annual funding from the school district is not enough to support the high level of success that the school's athletic teams have consistently achieved, so every membership dollar is helpful in supporting our teams on their quests for BVAL and CCS Championships!

The Booster Club has 5 annual funding commitments: an Athletic Trainer, Stipends for Coaches, Athletic Achievement Scholarships, Uniform Replacement Program, and a Strength/Conditioning Coach.

In addition to the annual funding commitments, the Booster Club also budgets for annual expenditures on Capital Improvement projects that will improve the athletic facilities at Leland High School.  Finally, the Booster Club also budgets annually for requests from team coaches for team specific items such as new goals, nets, training equipment, etc.

Please become a Member of the Leland High School Booster Club and support the continued success of Leland High School athletics!

The membership fee is $75 per family per school year, and since the Booster Club is recognized by the IRS as a non-profit organization, your fee is tax deductible.  The Booster Club's Tax ID # is 94-2865240.

Thank you for becoming a Member of the Leland High School Booster Club.
 The Leland High School Booster Club is a non-profit organization. Donations of money, services and items are welcome and tax deductible.

Tax ID # 94-2865240

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