Success In Athletics Leads to 
Success in Academics

National studies consistently show a strong correlation between participation in high school sports and academic success. Several recent studies report high school athletes sport higher GPAs and higher rates of graduation than non-athletes.  The academic and athletic success of Leland High School is a testament to these findings.   Leland is a nationally ranked high school for its scholastic achievement and has earned more CCS Championships than any school in the division.

The Booster Club is a parent volunteer organization that helps raise and allocate funds to support Leland’s athletic programs.  Your donations supplement district funding that falls short of what is needed to keep our programs running.   Here is how you can help support your student’s athletic success:

Donate to the Booster Club.  It’s tax deductible and your          company may match!

Purchase Leland branded merchandise.  Get your Leland           Swagger on!

Become a Booster Club volunteer.  We are a fun bunch!

Annual Golf Tournament Set for Nov. 7

If you are more comfortable on the golf course than the dance floor then this event is for you!  Create a foursome, or a twosome, or just sign up as a single player and we will pair you with some other fun players.  It will be a fabulous afternoon supporting Leland Athletics while playing a round of golf at the fantastic Almaden Golf and Country Club.

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2015 Scholarship Recipients

Raymond Leland Award: 

  • Kevin Asplund
  • Melissa Fletcher

Gordon Leland Award:

  • Tae Kim
  • Arianna Chen

Pat Tillman Memorial Award:

  • Kevin Cance
  • Lindsey Calcany Blair

Tristian Nguyen Memorial Scholarship: 

  • Luke Rohrer
  • Allie Jeong


From L to R: Allie Jeong, Arianna Chen, Nate Rohrer, Tae Kim, Kevin Cance, Kevin Asplund, Melissa Fletcher, Lindsey Calcany Blair